Friday, 25 January 2013

Welcome to Veggie Talks

Welcome to my meat-free web environment.  This is a space for vegetarians, and others who are open-minded and willing to accept a vegetarian perspective, to share with one another their daily dilemmas living among our carnivorous counterparts.  This blog will explore and discuss a number of situations we vegetarians encounter and how we deal with them.  I want to address common misconceptions about vegetarianism and gain feedback from others on these untruths.  I also want to share my greatest frustrations in interacting with meat-eaters and trying to explain my vegetarianism to them, and I would love to hear your stories too.  I want this blog to be a discussion forum where we can all share our experiences, ask questions and learn from one another.  I am really excited about the ideas I have for this blog and I cannot wait to see what you guys think!!