Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Opposing Diets

As a vegetarian I do not have many relationships with others like myself.  All of my closest friends and family are omnivores, so meat is always present. 

In some cases I would imagine this could cause problems.  Living in a house full of hard-core meat-eaters when you can’t stand the thought of eating animals can be a major issue for some vegetarians.  Trying to sustain a vegetarian lifestyle when you can’t eat any of the groceries brought into the house is also a frustration.  Refusing to eat something that has come in contact with meat in any way, but someone else is cooking your meal …

Yes, there are many difficulties being the only vegetarian in a group.

My boyfriend is a dedicated meat-eater.  The guy eats meat every day and more than just once.  He loves his steaks and chicken wings and burgers; all things that I find absolutely repulsive.  In addition, he practically refuses to eat vegetables, which are what constitute about 90% of my diet.

So, how do on earth do we manage to make meals together??

We have managed to find a common ground – pizza!

Pizza is one of the greatest foods for people with opposing dietary preferences.  The base is the same, but you have total freedom with the toppings.  Plus, pizzas very easily divide into equal parts, so I can load up my side with peppers, tomatoes, olives and mushrooms, and my boyfriend can put as much pepperoni as he wants on his side.

Check out our work of art!


  1. I really love the fact that you guys found a common dish you can enjoy together even though you have such opposing diets. That is true cooperation right there. And your pizza looks amazing, I would enjoy a slice of both sides :)

  2. That pizza looks amazing and it's nice that you guys have a food you can enjoy together. I am not a vegetarian but I love it when a pizza has lots of veggie toppings, pizza doesn't taste the same without all the vegetables.

  3. This is a great idea! I enjoy making home-made pizzas as well because you can please everyone by adding the toppings they like :)

  4. This is so true! Pizza really is so versatile. I have quite a few friends who are vegetarians, and even a couple who are vegans, and we always make pizza's when were together, because it's so easy to make them so everyone is happy!

  5. I'd eat pizza no matter what was on it lol

  6. I think there is a lesson in here that the world needs to see. We're all just looking to eat our own food, why don't we just make one big pizza!? It made more sense in my head...

  7. The benefits of home made pizzas far out weigh the benefits of getting one to go. That pizza looks delicious and its cool you guys can find a balance.