Friday, 1 February 2013

Life Changing Decision

The decision to give up a life of eating meat in exchange for the vegetarian alternative is a unique experience for everyone.  Some of us have been influenced by a close friend or family member or maybe even a celebrity role model, while others have been inspired by animal advocacy, religious reasons or the idea of a healthy lifestyle (Thinking about vegetarianism? Becoming Vegetarian).  Some vegetarians contemplate the switch for weeks, months, or maybe even years, whereas others make their decision based on impulse.  Every story is different and the reasons are endless. 

Personally, I was one of those 
people who made the decision on a whim.  I had had thoughts about the possibility of giving up meat and pursuing a more herbaceous diet, but I had never really been serious about making the change.  Or so it seemed.  One night, while visiting a friend in Toronto, we got on the topic of animal cruelty and vegetarianism.  My friend confessed that she had been thinking about becoming a vegetarian, and I agreed that the thought had crossed my mind once or twice.  We went for dinner and when we returned, I experienced an incredible “Ah ha!” moment.  This is when I made the announcement that I was going to be a vegetarian.    

My new life choice came as a shock to, well, to everyone.  You see, I was known for loving chicken nuggets and pepperoni pizza, so the news that I had given it all up was surprising, even to me.  Ever since this moment, my interest in vegetarianism has continued to grow and I am fascinated to learn about other people who have chosen this lifestyle and what made them do it.


  1. So much pollution and environmental damage comes from eating meat! I feel that no one needs to eat to the extent that we do (*cough* America). I think a fact that surprised me is that shrimp farming has a worse environmental impact than beef!

  2. Did you find it hard switching over your diet?

    1. Yes, in the beginning it was pretty tough. I mean, I used to eat meat every day!! But, once I figured out how to substitute for other things, and grew to love salad, it became easier and easier!

  3. What was it at dinner that made you do the switch? Ha ha.

  4. I could NEVER give up chicken nuggets. That's impressive you did that. Congrats!

  5. Good for you! I attempted vegetarianism at one point in my life, but I failed miserably! I still try to monitor my red meat intake, but I'm not strict about it. It takes a lot of discipline to make that kind of life change, so good job!

  6. I've been a veggie for 17 years. Unfortunately, most veggies I know would be better described as carbovors.